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Blaine Lakes (SK084)


Blaine Lakes (SK084)

Krydor, Saskatchewan

Latitude 52,807°N
Longitude 106,994°O
Altitude 495m
Superficie 130,51km²

Description du site

The Blaine Lakes are located between the towns of Krydor and Blaine Lake in central Saskatchewan at the southern edge of the Aspen Parkland ecoregion. They are shallow saline lakes that receive runoff from intermittent creeks during the spring and fall. During the summer, especially during periods of drought, the water levels fall substantially and expose large areas of mudflats. Most of the land surrounding the northern and western part of the Blaine Lakes remains in a mostly native condition, while the area surrounding the southern part has been modified by a variety of land uses such as agriculture. Redberry Lake, which has also been identified as an IBA, is located about 10 km to the southwest.


During the spring of 1989, almost 30,000 shorebirds were recorded at this site. This includes a peak of 10,000 Sanderlings, which were recorded on May 18. This may represent as much as 6.6% of the estimated North American population. No additional shorebird surveys have been completed at this site.

Enjeux de conservation

These lakes have been identified as a potential Western Shorebird Reserve Network site for supporting at least 20,000 shorebirds annually, or 5% of a species' flyway population. Additional surveys are needed to document the significance of the site further.

Catégories ZICO Habitats Usages Menaces Potencielles ou Existantes Status de Protection
Grue blanche
Nombre Année Saison
5 - 81999Automne
Bécasseau sanderling
Nombre Année Saison
10 0001989Printemps
Quiscale rouilleux
Nombre Année Saison