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Glenfinnan Island (PE018)


Glenfinnan Island (PE018)

East Royalty, Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Latitude 46,280°N
Longitude 63,054°O
Altitude 0 - 5m
Superficie 2,99km²

Description du site

Glenfinnan Island is located along the Hillsborough River, in central Prince Edward Island. The city of Charlottetown is located approximately 7 km downriver (south-southwest) of the site. The island is small, being only 5.6 hectares in size, and is covered in White Spruce. Salt marsh and shallow waters surround the island, making it fairly inaccessible.


Glenfinnan Island has held a colony of Great Blue Herons for a number of years. On June 16, 1997, surveyors counted 507 nests in the colony, which is approximately 1.5% of the national population. The colony has steadily grown in size since the 1970s; there were 50 nests in 1974, at least 100 nests in 1977, and 254 nests in 1987. As yet, there are no other species nesting within this colony. However, Double-crested Cormorants have been seen in the area and it is

predicted that they will eventually start nesting in the colony, as has occurred with other heronries in the province. The cormorants are strong competitors for nest trees and sticks thus when cormorant nesting occurs along-side the Great Blue Herons, the heron numbers generally decline or the herons move on altogether.

Enjeux de conservation

There is some disturbance to the herons during the breeding season by boaters and kayakers. The island is surrounded by salt marsh and shallow water so this disturbance is limited, however.

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