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Nottawasaga Island (ON153)


Nottawasaga Island (ON153)

Collingwood, Ontario

Latitude 44,537°N
Longitude 80,259°O
Altitude 177m
Superficie 3,84km²

Description du site

Nottawasaga Island is a small treed island, situated approximately 1.5 km offshore, in Nottawasaga Bay, Ontario. This large bay is at the southern end of Georgian Bay and is fed by the Nottawasaga, Bighead, Beaver and Pretty rivers in addition to the rest of the Lake Huron system.


Several species of colonial waterbirds breed on Nottawasaga Island. Of particular note is the large number of Great Egrets that breed here. In 2000, 60 nests were counted containing 171 young. In 1991, there were only seven pairs of Great Egrets. This is one of only four large Great Egret colonies in Canada.

Also in 1991, 107 pairs of Black- crowned Night- Herons (almost 3% of the national population) and 105 pairs of Great Blue Herons nested on the island. In 2000, Black-crowned Heron nests were only partially counted (46 nests). Other breeding birds on Nottawasaga Island are: Green Heron (at least one nest), Great Black-backed Gull (1 nest), Herring Gull (2380 nests in 1999) and Ring-billed Gull (1741 nests in 1999).

Enjeux de conservation

The conservation issues associated with this site are unknown.

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Goéland argenté
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5 9002017Été
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