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Dory's Reef (MB067)


Dory's Reef (MB067)

Cedar Lake, Manitoba

Latitude 53.101°N
Longitude 100.519°W
Altitude 253m
Area 3.78km²

Site Description

Dorys Reef is an island in the northern part of Lake Winnipegosis in Manitoba. Lake Winnipegosis is a large (5,403 km²), shallow freshwater lake (maximum depth ~55 m) with many islands. Deciduous and coniferous forests border Lake Winnipegosis, and large expanses of freshwater marsh occur along the lake. The habitats of this island are unrecorded, but are assumed to be as noted here. Also note that the latitude and longitude have not been confirmed.


Globally significant numbers of American White Pelican and Common Tern, and continentally significant numbers of Double-crested Cormorant, breed at Dorys Reef. In 1999, there were 1,467 American White Pelicans nesting on the island, which is almost 2% of this species global population. Approximately 1% of the North American population of Common Terns also nest at Dorys Reef; a 1999 survey found 641 Common Tern nests.

Three gull species also nest at this site. In 1999, 164 Ring-billed Gull pairs, 137 California Gull pairs and 25 Herring Gull pairs nested on the island.

Conservation Issues

Colonial waterbirds nesting in Lake Winnipegosis face several problems. Some residents whose livelihood depends on fishing feel that the birds are eating too many fish. As a result, birds are sometimes shot, or nests are destroyed.

IBA Criteria Habitats Land Uses Potential or Ongoing Threats Conservation Status
American White Pelican
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