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Corbin Island (NF030)


Corbin Island (NF030)

Corbin, Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador

Latitude 46,965°N
Longitude 55,210°O
Altitude 0 - 70m
Superficie 5,25km²

Description du site

Corbin Island is located at the southeast corner of Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula. It is a small island, about 20 hectares in size, and situated only about 1 km from the mainland. Although little descriptive information is available, the shores are likely rocky, with the surface of the island being characterized by grasses and low shrubs. The village of Corbin is located approximately 3 km to the southwest.


Although no recent surveys have been completed, it is likely that Corbin Island supports a globally significant colony of Leachs Storm-Petrels. In 1974, a total of 100,000 pairs was estimated at this site. This represents about 2% of the estimated Western Atlantic Leachs Storm-Petrel population. In addition to storm-petrels, a large colony of Herring

Gulls was also recorded (5,000 pairs), which represents close to 3.5% of the estimated North American population. Other nesting species included Black-legged Kittiwakes (50 pairs), Great Black-backed Gulls (25 pairs), and Black Guillemots.

Enjeux de conservation

Very little research has been completed at this colony, and it has not been the subject of any known conservation projects. In terms of conservation issues, little is known. As with all seabird colonies, the potential for oil spills in the adjacent marine areas is a concern.

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